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Group B

  • Training may start 18 month before reaching the required age (18 years of age).
  • The test to obtain the driving licence can take place when the age of 18 is reached (a day after 18th birthday).

What shall one do?

  • Fill in the school’s application form
  • Fill in the medical fitness assessment
  • Permanent residency in the CR for at least 6 months (employment, studies etc.)
  • Test for driving authorization of group B at the age of 18 (we recommend starting 3 months before the age is achieved)
  • For training in this group the applicant must be eligible – i.e. not having lost all points for traffic misbehaviour and not banned to drive motor vehicles

Scope of training


  • 5 hours- vehicle traffic regulations
  • 3 hours – theory of driving and principles of safe ride
  • 1 hour of medical preparation
  • 1 hour – training in vehicle control and maintenance
  • 1 hour – revision


  • 28 hours of practical driving
  • 2 hours of practical maintenance
  • 4 hours of medical preparation