Autoškola Flegel | Praha 9, Hloubětín
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Driving school Flegel | Prague 9, Hloubětín

About us

  • Accredited training centre
  • Mediate traffic psychological examination

We are a driving school with a tradition,
we offer quality, safe and patient training in full traffic at very pleasant prices.
The training takes always place with only 1 trainee who gets maximal support from the teacher.
We offer:

  • Training of drivers of all groups A-Am, B, BE, C, CE, D, DE, T
  • Practice rides for all groups of driving licences
  • Reclaiming of driving licences
  • Retraining courses in cooperation with labour exchange offices
  • Rides with a psychologist for drivers after accidents and traumas
  • Psychological
  • Initial training of drivers – professional licences C, CE, D, DE
  • Regular training of professional drivers
  • Training for non-professional drivers who use cars during their jobs