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Výcvik skupiny C

terms for the granting of the driving licence

  • Training may start 18 month before reaching the required age (21 years of age).
  • The applicant may pass the test to obtain the driving licence in question after reaching the age of 21 years (one day after 21st birthday)
  • the driving authorization may be granted to a person with the age of at least 18 years:
    • within the initial training (under the special regulation)
    • if the applicant is a holder of professional licence of driving qualification (the applicant has undergone the initial training under the special regulation in the extended scope)
  • driving licence of group C with a limitation of driving authorization
    • See the list (Ministries…)

Scope of training


  • 3 hours – training in regulations concerning vehicle operation
  • 3 hours – training in controlling and maintenance of vehicles
  • 3 hours – training in driving theory and principles of safe driving
  • 1 hour – training in medical preparation
  • 1 hour – revision and testing


  • 18 hours – training in vehicle driving
  • 4 hours – training in practical maintenance
  • 4 hours – practical training in medical preparation