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Group CE

  • The applicant may drive a vehicle combination composed of a motor vehicle of group C and an attached vehicle with the highest permitted weight higher than 750 kg
  • a vehicle combination classified into groups B+E and C1+E
  • a vehicle combination classified into group D+E, if the driver has a driving authorization for group D ( in practice this means that the holder of groups C and D obtains, with the extension to C+E, automatically D+E, similarly the holder of C+E obtains with the extension to D also D+E)

Scope of training


  • 1 hour – training in road traffic rules
  • 1 hour – training in vehicle control and maintenance
  • 2 hours – training in driving theory and principles of safe driving
  • 1 hour – training in medical preparation
  • 1 hour – revision and testing


  • 8 hours – training in vehicle driving
  • 2 hours – training in practical maintenance
  • 2 hours – practical training in medical preparation