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Prices are negotiable.
The student prices are valid for high school students.

B Student price - 3 months 15.000 CZK
B Normal 16.000 CZK
B Normal accelerated - 2 months 18.000 CZK
B Automat 18.500 CZK
B Course in foreign language 25.000 CZK
B Speedy course - 1 month 22.000 CZK
B VIP Selection of the location for getting in and out 30.000 CZK
B96 Vehicle combination up to 4 250 Kg 7.000 CZK
BE Attached vehicle over 750 Kg 9.000 CZK
We use Škoda training vehicles. Fleet age from 3 months to 4 years. The price includes complete theoretical instruction and practical training, a first aid course, the latest edition of the textbook and a CD.
Group B with automatic transmission is driven by a new Toyota auris hybrid. This is a car with modern parking and braking systems that provides a more comfortable ride.
AM Motorcycle up to 45 km/h from 15 years of age 16.000 CZK
A1 Motorcycle up to 125cm3 from 16 years of age 16.500 CZK
A2 Motorcycle up to 35 kW from 18 years of age 17.500 CZK
A Motorcycle without performance limitation from 24 years of age 17.500 CZK
Extension exam 7.000 CZK
We ride new motorcycles Kawasaki R 650 and Z 400
The price of the training includes the latest edition of the textbook, a first aid course, accident insurance, accompanying the teacher on the training motorcycle and accompanying the teacher on another training vehicle at the state exam.
C Normal 20.000 CZK
CE Attached vehicle 11.000 CZK
D D from C 20.000 CZK
D D from B 30.000 CZK
T Normal 14.000 CZK
T Extension from B or C 11.000 CZK
Training lessons
B Ordinary day in city (45min) 700 CZK
B Weekend , highway (45 min) 900 CZK
C truck (45min) 1.200 CZK
C+E Attached vehicle (45 min) 1.500 CZK
D bus (45min) 1.300 CZK
AM, A1, A2, A city 800 CZK
AM, A1, A2, A training ground 1.000 CZK
Training for non-professional drivers using cars at work 500 CZK
Training of clerks drivers group of 5 and more people price by agreement from 3.600 CZK
Professional training (7 hodin) 1.500 CZK
Complementary professional training (35 hodin) 6.000 CZK
Complementary professional training (45 hodin) 13.000 CZK
Initial professional training (140 hodin) 25.000 CZK
Initial professional training (280 hodin) Negotiated price
Issuing a copy of a confirmation about regul. training 200 CZK
Examination resits
Repair of traffic rules 500 CZK
Repair of practical driving 700 CZK
Repair of vehicle control and maintenance 400 CZK
Other rates
Reclaiming of driving authorization from 5.000 CZK
Transfer from other driving school 2.000 CZK
Not coming to a test without excuse (5 days in advance) 500 CZK
Cancellation fee 1.000 CZK
Not coming to a lesson without excuse 300 CZK
Teacher's license group B small 25.000 CZK
Teacher's license group B large 35.000 CZK
every other group 10.000 CZK
Teacher extension permissions 15.000 CZK